Pest Control

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Bug Beater

0 0 1 120 687 Live Data Technologies 5 1 ...

Pest Control Searles 1 ltrs $10.00


Conguard is a great low toxicity spray for use on shrubs, pot plants, ornamentals, roses, stone fruit and vegetables. It is...

Pest Control Searles 1 ltrs $20.00

Eco Fend Insect and Mite Spray

Eco Fend is a natural, soap based spray for insects and mites on vegetables, fruit trees, pot plants and ornamentals.What...

Pest Control Searles 0.5 ltrs $22.00

Pest Gun White Oil

Pest Gun is a great petroleum oil spray to use both indoor and outdoor. It can be used on...

Pest Control Searles 1 ltrs $15.00