Species Typical Max Height (m) Typical Max Width (m) Pot Size (mm/ltrs) Price inc GST

Blue Flowering Ginger

Blue Flowering Ginger is a stunning plant with purpley/blue bell shaped cluster flowers. It has dark green glossy leaves that...

1.2 m 1 m 140 mm $19.00

Galangal Edible Ginger

Galangal Ginger is an edible form of ginger. It is fantastic in cooking especially thai dishes. It features long green...

1 m 1 m 200 mm $25.00

Pinstripe Ginger

Pinstripe Ginger is a stunning plant with masses of thin white stripes on the leaves. It is not a...

1.5 m 1 m 140 mm $27.50

Redback Ginger

Redback Ginger is a stunning plant with red undersides foliage. It has dark green leaves on top and it forms a...

2.5 m 3 m 200 mm $22.00

Variegated Shell Ginger

Variegated Shell Ginger is a stunning green and yellow clumping plant with large leaning foliage with leaves down...

2.5 m 3.5 m 200 mm $20.00