Bamboo Ground Covers

Bamboo Ground Covers are perfect for filling banks, borders, rock walls, raised garden beds, pots and troughs. They are the ideal plant for filling roundabouts and other public areas where a short, tough, drought tolerant, easy to grow plant is needed. These are a spreading variety of bamboo, very similar to lawns and can be contained with a simple root barrier if desired. Heavy pruning in winter is recommended to promote lush, fresh growth in spring.

Bamboo Species Typical Height (m) Max Culm Diameter (cm) Minimum Temperature (°C) 200mm Price inc GST (AU$)

Dwarf Green

Dwarf Green Pleioblastus distichus has crisp pure green foliage. It will give you fluffy foliage up to 40cm in height and will flush back...

.40 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33.00

Dwarf Green and Gold

Dwarf Green and Gold Pleioblastus auricomus has crisp green and yellow variegated foliage. It will give you fluffy foliage up to 40cm...

.40 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33.00

Dwarf Whitestripe

Dwarf Whitestripe Pleioblastus fortunei is the prettiest of the ground covers, with crisp green and white...

0.40 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33.00

Nihi Green

Nihi Green Pleioblastus pumilus is the tallest of the ground covers with lush green foliage, and can give you a great short...

1.2 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33.00

Pygmy Green

Pygmy Green Pleioblastus pygmaeus is the smallest growing ground cover. It is very attractive with tiny dark green leaves and will give...

.10 m 0.2 cm -12 °C $33.00